APNNA Agreements

The name of the assembly is the Asia Pacific Neural Network Assembly, abbreviated as the APNNA.

  1. The Assembly is a loosely coupled organization of neural network societies or councils in Asia Pacific regions.
  2. The purpose of the Assembly is to promote international cooperation toward advancement of research and the state of knowledge in biological and computational neural networks, applications of neural networks and related subjects. The Assembly shall be operated under the principles of a) equality, b) independence, and c) cooperation.
  3. The Assembly shall sponsor and cosponsor international conferences, and may support world-wide conferences on the “in-cooperation-with” basis. The APNNA-sponsored conference ICONIP (International Conference on Neural Information Processing) shall be held in Asia Pacific regions. The host country/region shall be responsible for all the organizing and financial matters.
  4. The Assembly shall be managed by the Governing Board Committee. The responsible organization of each country/region may nominate at most three committee members, and the members shall be approved by the Committee. Researchers from those countries where no delegates are nominated may attend the Committee as observers.
  5. The President, President-Elect, several Vice presidents and the Secretary of the APNNA shall be elected by the Board members where each country/region has one vote. The term of the President, President-Elect, Vice presidents and Secretary is one year.
  6. The past President, President and President-Elect are the members of the Executive Committee.
  7. The regional organization which the President belongs to shall be primarily responsible for all business matters.
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