ICONIP2013 Awards

ICONIP 2013 Best Paper Awards
Authors: Hyun Ah Song and Soo-Young Lee
Title: Hierarchical Representation using NMF

Authors: Yasuhiro Suedomi, Hakaru Tamukoh, Michio Tanaka, Kenji Matsuzaka and Takashi Morie
Title: Parameterized digital hardware design of pulse-coupled phase oscillator model toward spike-based computing

Authors: Hongliang Li, Derong Liu and Ding Wang
Title: Integral Policy Iteration for Zero-Sum Games with Completely Unknown Nonlinear Dynamics

ICONIP2012 Awards

ICONIP 2012 Best Paper Award
Authors: Xiaolin Hu, Peng Qi and Bo Zhang
Title: Hierarchical K-Means Algorithm for Modeling Visual Area V2 Neurons

ICONIP2011 Awards

ICONIP 2011 Best Paper Award
Authors: Hiroki Kurashige and Hideyuki Câteau
Title: A Method to Construct Visual Recognition Algorithms on the Basis of Neural Activity Data

ICONIP 2011 Best Student Paper Award
Authors: Fang Fang, Laiyun Qing, Jun Miao, Xilin Chen and Wen Gao
Title: Saliency Detection Based on Scale Selectivity of Human Visual System

ICONIP2010 Awards

ICONIP 2010 Best Paper Award
Authors: Yunjun Nam, Qibin Zhao, Andrzej Cichocki and Seungjin Choi
Title: A Tongue-Machine Interface: Detection of Tongue Positions by Glossokinetic Potentials

ICONIP 2010 Best Student Paper Award
Authors: Tomoki Kurikawa and Kunihiko Kaneko
Title: Learning Shapes Bifurcations of Neural Dynamics upon External Stimuli

ICONIP2009 Awards

ICONIP 2009 Best Paper Award
Authors: Shiro Usui (RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Japan), Nilton L. Kamiji (RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Japan), Tatsuki Taniguchi (IVIS Inc., Japan), Naonori Ueda (NTT CS-Labs, Japan)
Title: RAST: A Related Abstract Search Tool

ICONIP 2009 Best Poster Award
Author: Naoyuki Sato (Future University - Hakodate, Japan) Title: A Computational Model of Spatial Imagery Based on Object–Centered Scene Representation

INNS Best Student Paper Award
Authors: Jeong-Woo Woo (Kyungpook National University, Korea), Young-Chul Lim (Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science & Technology, Korea) and Minho Lee (Kyungpook National University, Korea) Title: Obstacle Categorization Based on Hybridizing Global and Local Features

INNS Best Student Poster Award
Authors: Guénaël Cabanes and Younès Bennani (Université de Paris 13, France)
Title: Comparing Large Datasets Structures through Unsupervised Learning

ENNS Best Student Paper Awards
* There are two recipients of the Best ENNS Student Paper Awards in ICONIP 2009:

Authors: Esteban José Palomo, Enrique Dominguez, Rafael Marcos Luque, and José Muñoz (University of Malaga)
Title: Image Hierarchical Segmentation Based on a GHSOM

Authors: Matthieu Geist (Supélec, Metz, France), Olivier Pietquin (Arcelor Mittal Research, France), and Gabriel Fricout (INRIA Nancy, France)
Title: Tracking in Reinforcement Learning

ICONIP2008 Awards

Best APNNA Paper Award winner
Authors: Kaname Iwasa, Mauricio Kulger, Susumu Kuroyanagi, Akira Iwata - Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan Paper title: A Back-Propagation training Method for Multi-Layer Pulsed Neural Networks using Principle of Duality

Best APNNA Student Paper Award winner
Authors: Akiyo Asahina, Jun-ichiro Hirayama, Shin Ishii, Japan Paper title: Interpreting Dopamine Activities in Stochastic Reward Tasks

Best APNNA Poster Award winner
Authors: Jing Yi Tou, Yong Haur Tay, Phooi Yee Lau - University Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia Paper title: Gabor Filters as Feature Images for Covariance Matrix on Texture Classification Problem

ICONIP2006 Awards

Best APNNA Paper Award winner
Authors: Colin Molter, Naoyuki Sato, Utku Salihogl,u and Yoko Yamaguchi Paper title: How reward can induce reverse replay of behavioral sequences in the hippocampus.

Best APNNA Student Paper Award winner
Authors: Takahiro KABE, Hiroyuki TORIKAI, and Toshimichi SAITO Paper title: Synchronization via multiplex spike-trains in digital pulse-coupled networks.

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