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Since its inception in 1993, APNNA (Asia Pacific Neural Network Assembly) has grown steadily throughout the Asia-Pacific region and even world-wide. APNNA’s growth can be seen as somewhat parallel to that of the brain:

  • Adaptive – APNNA is ever evolving and striving to be dynamic like the brain;
  • Progressive – APNNA has an open-membership policy and encourage pro-activity and innovation from its members;
  • Nurturing – APNNA aims to provide up-to-date knowledge through official events and related activities for the neural networks community;
  • Nucleating – APNNA forms a nucleus center where all members can interact and collaborate with one another;
  • Associative – APNNA maintains active communication with other leading technical organizations such as INNS, JNNS, ENNS, and CIS.

Our flagship conference ICONIP (International Conference on Neural Information Processing) is recognized as one of the premier technical conferences globally. For example, ICONIP is ranked in the top-10% among computer science conferences in artificial intelligence/machine learning/robotics/human computer interaction (http://www.cs-conference-ranking.org/conferencerankings/topicsii.html).

It's an exciting time to be involved in APNNA as it is expanding into even more regions in Asia-Pacific, with the most recent additions being Malaysia, Qatar and Thailand. For the first time, ICONIP will be hosted in the Kingdom of Thailand, with a post-ICONIP conference in neighboring Malaysia. Through exposure from ICONIP’09 in Bangkok, Thailand, we hope to inspire more neural information processing related research activities in the ASEAN region, which is ripe for sustainable growth both economically and technologically. APNNA also expects to establish a regional presence in Russia and perhaps other Asian countries soon.

One of the new challenges facing APNNA is how to form and maintain a collaborative community that is both dynamic and evolving, in order to foster and encourage collaboration among members and the global neural information processing community in general. As incentives, APNNA offers reduced fees to its members to participate in ICONIP conferences and scholarships to students to promote neural information processing and related research. Also in development is a personalizable portal for APNNA members to keep abreast of the latest developments in Neural Networks and related areas and to keep in touch with one another. Stay tuned for updates at www.apnna.net.

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