The Engineering International Programmes (ERGIP) at the Chinese University of Hong Kong supports faculty staff exchange as well as Engineering Student Exchange Programmes (ESEP) that includes the undergraduate and postgraduate student exchange between engineering programmes in CUHK and leading universities around the world.

ERGIP works in conjunction with CUHK’s Office of Academic Links (OAL) to provide staff and students exchange opportunities related to engineering.

ERGIP's Objectives

  • Broaden international and intercultural horizons of CUHK’s engineering students
  • Facilitate acquisition and development of practical and technical skills conducive to international engineering
  • Create a diversified intellectual environment at CUHK through integration of international students which pertains to our continual pursuit of excellence in the global educational community

Breaking News

Audio and PPT from the Briefings for International Exchange Programmes for Engineering Students

  • Engineering Exchange Student Briefing Session
    Date: Tuesday, October 14
    Time: 4:30 pm
    Venue: LT, 9/F of William MW Mong Engineering Building
    Audience: For both undergraduate and postgraduate Engineering students

International Exchange Programme Activities for Engineering Students

  1. Engineering Exchange Student Briefing Session
    Date: Tuesday, October 14
    Time: 4:30 pm
    Venue: LT, 9/F of William MW Mong Engineering Building
    Audience: For both undergraduate and postgraduate Engineering students
  2. International Festival
    Friday, October 17, 2008, Cultural Square, 12:00 noon
  3. Student Exchange Information Session
    October 13 and 17. See <detail> for more information.
  4. Student Exchange Enquiry Session
    October 21 and 22. See <detail> for more information.

Undergraduate Exchange Programme 2008-09

Monday, October 27, 2008 is the deadline to submit your Spring 2008 exchange programme applications to OAL. Please refer to these important dates for more information.

A Message From The Dean

Dear Engineering Colleagues and Students,

In accordance to the University’s internationalization policy, the Faculty of Engineering is actively seeking and cultivating new opportunities to improve the quality of research and student life through various student exchange programmes. From the inception of the Engineering Undergraduate Student Exchange Program (EUSEP) in 2004, to the Engineering Student Exchange Programme (ESEP) in 2005 and now expanded the Engineering International Programmes (ERGIP) to include all Engineering students and faculty staff, the ERGIP Task Force has been working in conjunction with the Office of Academic Links (OAL) to promote various student exchange programmes and events among our students as well as faculty members. We urge your continuing support to encourage our undergraduate students to take part in the exchange program at the same time to promote our engineering program to potential exchange students from abroad.

As we continue to promote the undergraduate exchange program, we are now also expanding our emphasis on establishing collaborations with other research groups for postgraduate students and faculty staff. In recent months, we have had visits from other universities desiring a closer link with our faculty and students through research projects, e.g., University College London, Columbia University, etc. We believe this type of cooperation is crucial for the Engineering Faculty to compete in the international arena since this is an excellent way to establish quality research projects while showcasing our outstanding postgraduate students and faculty. However, this new endeavor is not without challenges–on how and what type of collaborations we should be focusing on, who are the suitable collaborators, where is the funding source, etc. As we plan how best to overcome these challenges, we value your comments and input. Please take time to discuss them with the Engineering Student Exchange Task Force–Professor Helen Meng, Convener until May 2005 (SEEM), Professor Irwin King, Convener starting in May 2005 (CSE), Professor Wei Hsin Liao (ACAE), Professor Cheong Fat Chan (EE), Professor Michael Chang (IE), and Professor Frank Chen (SEEM).

At this time, we would like to draw your attention to an important and exciting development on the Visiting Scholar Programme for our postgraduate students. The Task Force is working out the necessary information to help them to conduct research abroad. Through this programme, we hope to give our postgraduate students a broader view and a deeper experience on their research and to cultivate lasting collaborations with other renowned research institutions. More information is available at http://wiki.cse.cuhk.edu.hk/wikis/king/ERGIP/. We urge you to take time browsing through the web site for more information on the procedure and guideline for the Visiting Scholar Programme.

There is little doubt that exciting challenges are ahead with the Engineering International Programmes. Nonetheless, we view these challenges necessitate a transformation that will bring the Engineering Faculty to be more competitive in terms of quality of research and student life. With this, let’s work together to nurture international collaboration and build a stronger and better Engineering Faculty.

Prof. Peter Yum
Dean of Engineering Faculty
February 2007

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