The Fourth BJ-HK International Doctoral Forum 2009 will present 4 Best Paper Awards. The Best Paper Award honors the author(s) of a paper of exceptional merit. The cretiria is based on the quality of the paper and the presentation at the Forum.


The first author, of an accepted paper, who must register and present his/her paper in the Second Beijing-Hong Kong International Doctoral Forum 2007 is eligible for the award.


  1. The Program Committee will nominate a few candidate papers from each track according to the paper quality.
  2. Award decision will be made by the Awards Committee after the nomination's presentation at the Forum.
  3. Awards and prizes will be presented at the banquet.


Media Computing

  • Best Paper Award:
    - Pui-Yu Hui, “Multimodal User Interface with Automatic Semantic Integration using Speech and Pen-based Input for Spatial Navigation”
  • Best Paper Award Runner-Up:
    - Yuxiang LIU, “Cultural Style Based Music Classification of Audio Signals”
  • Best Presentation Award:
    - Yuxiang LIU, Tsinghua University
    - Xuemaio XU, CUHK

Network, Modeling and Design

  • Best Paper Award:
    - Qi LI, “BGP_T : Building a Trusted Internet Routing Infrastructure”
  • Best Paper Award Runner-Up:
    - Yingying WU, “Pinning Control of Uncertain Complex Networks to a Homogeneous Orbit”
  • Best Presentation Award:
    - Ivan Beschastinikh, University of Washington, USA
    - Shang XIA, HKBU

System and Applications

  • Best Paper Award:
    - Yulai YUAN, “Adaptive Hybrid Model for Long Term Load Prediction in Computational Grid”
  • Best Paper Award Runner-Up:
    - Mo LI, “Towards the Applicability of Wireless Sensor Networks”
  • Best Presentation Award:
    - Xiaojun QIAN, CUHK

Web Intelligence and Social Computing

  • Best Paper Award:
    - Man Ching YUEN, “Mathematical Modeling of Social Games”
  • Best Paper Award Runner-Up:
    - Fei YAN, “Analyzing User's Book-loan Behaviors from Social Network Perspective”
  • Best Presentation Award:
    - Fei YAN, Peking University
    - Jing HE, Tsinghua University

Other Research Topics

  • Best Paper Award:
    - Josh H.M. LAM, “ARealization of Robotic Chinese Calligraphy by an Intelligent Art Robot”
  • Best Paper Award Runner-Up:
    - Yu-Feng LI, “Semi-supervised Learning Using Label Mean”
  • Best Presentation Award:
    - Ning CHEN, Tsinghua University
    - Ho Seon Shin, Yonsei University, Korea

Best Poster Award

  1. Kai Ki LEE, “A Projector-based Movable Hand-held Display System”
  2. Jing WANG, “Illumination Compensation Based on Direction Filter and Self Quotient Image”

Best Demo Award

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