Technical Program

Detailed Technical Program (Aug. 2nd)

Oral Session

Oral Session A: Web Intelligence and Knowledge Management
Time: 13:30 – 16:15
Venue: Room 105, Building C-I, THSZ
Chair: TBD
Speaker Title
Shoaib Jameel An Unsupervised Ranking Method Based on a Technical Difficulty Terrain
Pauli P.Y. Lai Application of Content Adaptation in Web Accessibility for the Blind
Fan Bu Semantic Relationship Discovery with Wikipedia Structure
Jun Han SDDB: A Self-Dependent and Data Based Method for Constructing Bilingual Dictionary from the Web
Tangjian Deng Information Re-finding by Context: A Brain Memory Inspired Approach
Wenchang Xu Enabling Efficient Browsing and Manipulation of Web Tables on Smartphone
Oral Session B: Network Modeling and Cloud Computing
Time: 13:30 – 16:15
Venue: Room 106, Building C-I, THSZ
Chair: TBD
Speaker Title
Dongjie Yin A Markov Model of the 802.11 Distributed Coordination Function
Weiping Zhu Mobile RFID with High Identification Rate
Chisheng Zhang Cost-constrained Incremental Network Planning in Multi-hop Wireless Networks
Md. Zakirul Alam Bhuiyan Backup Sensor Placement with Guaranteed Fault Tolerance for Structural Health Monitoring
Jie Zhou Analysis and Design of Countermeasure for Wormhole Attacks on a Real World WMN Testbed
Xiangzhen Kong Energy-Efficient Dynamic Resource Provisioning by Live Migration in Virtualized Data Centers
Bin Xu Composite Control Based on Optimal Torque Control and Adaptive Kriging Control for the CRAB Rover
Songbin Liu

in a Campus Cloud Storage System |

Oral Session C: Rich Media Computing
Time: 13:30 – 16:15
Venue: Room 107, Building C-I, THSZ
Chair: TBD
Speaker Title
Xiaojun Qian On Mispronunciation Lexicon Generation using Joint-sequence Multigrams in Computer-Aided Pronunciation Training
Jiang Weiwu An Analysis Framework based on Random Subspace Sampling for Speaker Verification
Ju-Chiang Wang Query By Multi-Tags with Multi-Level Preferences for Con-tent-based Music Retrieval
Hon-Bill Yu Comparison of Voice Activity Detectors for Interview Speech in NIST Speaker Recognition Evaluation
Ruirui LI NPU-Based Image Composition and Display in Parallel Rendering System
Ce Gao A Robust Feature Matching Approach for Photography Originality Test
Yongqiang Qin Structured Laser Pointer: Enabling Wrist-Rolling Movements as a New Interactive Dimension
Zhiyu Wang A Deep Model-based and Data-driven Hybrid Architecture for Image Annotation
Oral Session D: System and Application
Time: 13:30 – 16:15
Venue: Room 108, Building C-I, THSZ
Chair: TBD
Speaker Title
Ka-Ho Wong Allophone Variations in Visual Speech Synthesis for Corrective Feedback in Capt
Hao Wang MusicSpeak: Capitalizing on Musical Rhythm for Prosodic Training in Computer-Aided Language Learning
Joanna Siebert Decentralized Service Composition in Pervasive Computing Envi-ronments
Shi Bai FDTL: a Unified Flash Memory and Hard disk Translation Layer
Dan Fan Recursive Identification for Dynamic Linear Systems from Noisy Input-Output Measurments
Zhi Wang Strategies of Collaboration in Multi-channel P2P VoD Streaming
Xiaoyu Guo Accelerating Protocol Identification in High Speed Routers via Hardware Co-processor

Poster Session

Time: 16:30 – 18:00
Venue: Exhibition Hall, Building C-II, THSZ
Chair: TBD
Presenter Title
Binyang Li An Effective Representation of Topic-Specific Opinionated Information for Query-Oriented Opinion Summarization
Shibiao Wan Protein Subcellular Localization Prediction based on Profile Alignment and Gene Ontology
Tao Li From Offline Long-Run to Online Short-Run: Exploring a New Ap-proach of Hybrid Systems Model Checking for MDPnP
Zibin Zheng Learning Latent Features for Neighborhood-Based QoS Prediction in Cloud Computing
Wei Feng Non-cooperative Channel and Bandwidth Allocations in Multi-radio Multi-channel Wireless Networks Based on Game Theory
Kun Li Prominence Model for Prosodic Features in Automatic Lexical Stress and Pitch Accent
Chong Zhao Matrix-valued Wavelet Transform for Interactive Applications
Wei Rao Addressing the Data-Imbalance Problem in Kernel-based Speaker Verification via Utterance Partitioning and Speaker Comparison
King Keung Wu Least L1-Error Approach to Efficient Video-Based Face Alignment using Split Bregman Algorithm
Meng Chen Automatic Scoring in a Task of Retelling Stories for Language Learners
Xinyu Wang A Cost-Effective Interconnect Architecture for Interconnection Network
Rongfei Zeng Performance Analysis of Data Management in Sensor Data Storage via Stochastic Petri Nets
Haiwei Xue PAD: Policy Aware Data Center Network
Ting Zhang A New Design for Name-based Forwarding
Miao Mao A Video–Based 3D Rendering Algorithm Using Hybrid Light-field and Geometry Rendering
Fanbo Meng Synthesizing Expressive Speech to Convey Focus using a Pertur-bation Model for Computer-Aided Pronunciation Training
Binbin Shen Combining Active and Semi-supervised Learning for Homograph Disambiguation in Mandarin Text-to-Speech Synthesis

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